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Thread: Pre recorded tapes??

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    Default Pre recorded tapes??

    i have been putting my Only fools & Horses VHS tapes onto my pc by first recording them onto my JVC GRD50 camcorder and then capturing them onto the PC, purely so I can watch them in the bacground whilst working on the PC. However I occaisionally find that some of the VHS tapes or even sections of them will not record onto the camera???

    I therefore tried to capture them straight to my PC using my Video in port on my video card. It ppears to work until you view the file made and see that the sound runs okay but video stops after a second and keeps playing the same second over and over. When i use the tapes that worked on the above method it captures them fine.

    is there some kind of security coding on the tapes?? If so will it work if I copy from VHs to Vhs first and then try again. I find this really strange as two videos from one set behave differently. can anyone help?

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    yeah, sounds like a macrovision problem. google for macrovision, see what it says. there might be ways round it.

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