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    Huh.....wierd....another sober acid trip....and a history lesson. Interesting collage of clips and music....

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    very trippy... very intresting..... but it still doesnt answer the question "who the hell are you?" all this vid shows is how this isnt the world you wanna live in..(or something like that) nice video though i just wish it could have followed the contest guidelines.
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    Default A Couple of Thoughts

    In the visual arts and in dance, especially, the positive space is defined by the negative space—the negative space being more important. In this case, I think that this video follows that philosophy with regard to the contest guidelines.

    To subscribe to preconceived notions of what works and what doesn't is extremely limiting and invites mundane and pedestrian work. I hope none of us aspire to that.

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    It's a nice use of found footage, but it's a promo for a band, not fitting with the Videoforums 2006 competition idea. If it were in "User Videos" it'd get a lot of praise from me, but as an entry for our competition I don't rate it much.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I naturally disagree about it being just a promo for the band, though it is that, too. I think it actually says a lot about who I, the filmmaker, am. However, since I'm new to this site, I haven't figured out all the intricacies of where to submit, whose tastes dictate submissions, et cetera. I'll take your advice and upload it to user videos as well.
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