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Thread: Athlon 64s and Avid, Adobe Aftereffects & premiere.

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    Default Athlon 64s and Avid, Adobe Aftereffects & premiere.

    I am pretty sure about this, but I thought I'd get a reply from some experts first, just to justify my stance.

    I intend to build a system for a company which makes falconry videos.

    Current spec:

    AMD Athlon 64bit 3400+ 754pin/1Mb L2cache Retail Boxed with 3 Year Warranty CPU

    MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R SKT 754 K8T800 8x AGP GB LAN 1394,S-ATA RAID 6CH Sound - 90

    1.5GB DDR Kingston PC3200 RAM CL2 - 185 for 1GB + 85 for 512mb<basically 3 x 512mb sticks>

    Western Digital WD2500JD 250GB 8mb Cache 7200rpm Serial ATA - OEM - 150

    DVD Burner Dual R/RW Plextor 8x DVD DUAL R/RW IDE BLACK BURNER - Retail Box -110

    Nvidia GeForce FX 5950 256mb DDR, VIVO - 290

    Chieftec BX-01Extreme Black Atx Case With No PSU - 35

    PSU Qtec 550W - 25

    Chic Office Keyboard PS/2 Black - 4.63

    Chic 1330 Optical Mouse 3.88

    Total: 1388.51 including VAT

    We already have monitors for it.

    Anyway, our other technician seems to think that Athlon 64s haven't been tested with Avid, Adobe Premiere and Adobe AfterEffects <not sure about the spellings, heh, I don't work with the programs>.

    I am pretty damn sure they have and have proven to be just as good as Intel's offerings, although at a lower price.

    Am I right?

    He believes that a Pentium 4 is a better bet and although I wouldn't go against him if money wasn't an issue, it is. The idea is not to blow over 600 on an extreme edition P4 that will perform only marginally better.

    We want something very fast, but paying loads extra for only small performance increases seems totally pointless.


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    I've used both Premiere 6.5 and After Effects 5.5 on my Athlon 1800+ system and they work fine, if that helps.

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