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Thread: Rendered files are too large!

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    Default Rendered files are too large!

    I have just finished editing my first video. But when I render it to my hard drive, the size of it is 940 MB! The type of video I had wanted it to be was an AVI, and I tried WMV since it was smaller, but it lost some quality. My video is only 4 mins long. I've seen plenty of videos made using Vegas that were longer than mine and much smaller.

    I know it's not the files I'm using, though I am using VOB & IFO files instead of the common AVI's, but I tested what AVIs I had and that one came out to the same amount! The audio I'm using is MP3.

    Is there any way to make it a smaller size without losing quality? I know all about the custom settings you can use, but I'm a noob at this and I'm not sure what the best settings are.

    Much appreciated to anyone who can help me out on this!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Are you going to keep this on your HDD? or make DVD?. You could try MPEG2.

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    It is best to keep a DV render of any wk as a master copy. 1 gig for 4 mins is normal.

    I then make different versions from that. If you insist on only keeping a smaller copy then a wmv version with a variable bit rate with an average rate of around 2mbit will give the same quality as a dv version.

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