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Thread: Free Sound Effects and Music

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    Default Free Sound Effects and Music

    Here are a few free music and sound effects web sites.Enjoy! - free wavs recorded by great inspiring musicians, from FX sounds to hip hop samples and this in many different instruments. - scroll down and on the left side it will say "free stuff!' -The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... - Musicians submit thier mp3s for people to use(and credit)freely.

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    OK mrwhite. Always good to have sources like that.

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    I'll add to the list. How about

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    Ta for that.

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    Default free audio samples

    These are great free high quality .wav samples 24bit/48kz:


    There are thousands of free sounds here:

    Free Sounds - Official Site of the Zillion Sounds Collection

  6. Default Royalty Free Sound Effects

    Check out Over 15,000 Sound effects for radio, film, TV productions and video games.
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    Can anyone suggest where to find some good free music sites to find music for a yoga video?

    Possibly indian influenced, that would suit flowing yoga postures?

    Thanks in advance,

  8. Default Royalty free music for Yoga

    It's not free but check out Ambient - Full Tracks - Loopsound - Royalty Free Music for 100s of ambient and relaxing meditation music tracks or downloadable compilation CDs... Ambient Chillout - Downloadable Cds - Loopsound - Royalty Free Music

    You can use our music commercially as our standard license covers your production for all media rights up to 5000 units and worldwide teritory in perpetuity. Additional licenses available.

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    Good thread, how about moving these links to the links section or making this a sticky please. Tim Stannard recently suggested I take a look at Atmosphere deluxe. It generates soundscapes and has a multitude of them inbuilt and with the capacity to create your own. I was so impressed with it I bought the full version which was 30.

    What I think is really good about it is that you can utilise your own sound files (and thus all of the ones mentioned above), include MP3 and CD tracks etc.

    It works on the principle of a background noise, e.g. waves rolling in on a shingle beach. This is then supplemented by whatever you choos to lay on top. So, say you want seagulls. Tick the box for seagulls and set a randomness factor and volume. You can also fire those sounds of manually whenever you want. You can then record your scene to a Wave/MP3 file for inclusion in your project. Its simple and I have to say very very good.

    Atmosphere Ambient Soundscape Generator - Create custom wellness / ambient natural sound MP3 and CD audio tracks for relaxation or royalty free distribution

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