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Thread: Halo 2 Montage (First attempt at Sony Vegas)

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    Default Halo 2 Montage (First attempt at Sony Vegas)

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum, so please be nice . This is my first video that I have ever edited with Sony Vegas, and I would really like some feedback. Any kind of feedback is welcome, even negative comments that I can use for future consideration on my next video. This is a Halo 2 Montage that some friends and I recorded both on my computer, and a VCR. After capturing and compressing in VirtualDub (with Huffyuv), I took it into Vegas and played around with it, and some scripts that I downloaded, like Vegas Quake. Anyway, please watch my video and tell me what you think. Thanks! And by the way, its in Windows Media format, (.wmv). Enjoy!

    Here's the link: Halo 2 Montage
    - NakedDave

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    Hey there

    From the look of your website and the well presented lowerthird watermark, I'd say your a failry artistic chap. Unfortunately you haven't carried this through to your video.

    Whilst I'm not a fan of first person shooters, I think even the most die fan would switch off. It really does smack of, as you say, you taking some clips and putting them together. Kudos for getting good quality capture, but you really need to think about what you're doing with what you've got.

    I think ultimately you should be setting up shots rather than capturing random play. Video game videos that have made me watch to the end invariably show a series of jaw droping stunts arranged to an appropriate sound track.

    So great work for getting the technical side accomplished, but you need to let your creativity and inventiveness run wild.

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    Default Thank you for your input

    Thanks for the comment, as I said this is my first attempt at using Vegas. As you said about the staging thing, I respect you as an administrator, as well as a video editor, but I don't like staging things because its not as fun. It's so friggin awesome when your recording randomly and you do something sweet, It's just a good feeling. Anyway, I am taking all of your suggestions into thought for my next video. And by the way, thanks for the artistic complement.
    - NakedDave

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    Instead of using a "VCR" to record your games try using Fraps. As far as the video goes it was quit confusing to look at. I know it was your first attempt sop i will leave it at that, just keep at it. Oh....and welcome to the forum :P

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    For Halo2 I don't tihnk Fraps would work as it is an Xbox game, and I think Fraps is only PC recording - correct me if I'm wrong

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    Default RiW is correct

    Yes, I have Fraps as well, and the Halo 1 footage (no scope double kill towards the end of the movie) was recorded with Fraps because I have Halo 1 for XBOX and PC. The footage you saw of Halo 1 was online, on the PC. For capture I used my ATI All in Wonder 9800 Pro. (which I recenltly fried, so I am forced to buy a dazzle, and try my luck with that, because I sure as hell don't feel like getting a new card.) Thanks for the feedback, keep it comin'!
    - NakedDave

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    Why? Just another Halo Killing spree.....

    It would have been better if you had some camera view stuff and a plot/script. Like Red vs. Blue......

    Didnt like it at all. Plus a minute 30 for the credits?....jeez....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakedDave311427
    I respect you as an administrator, as well as a video editor, but I don't like staging things because its not as fun. It's so friggin awesome when your recording randomly and you do something sweet, It's just a good feeling.
    ^ are you fucking serious???????!!!!!!
    whatever it doesnt matter i having been a level 38 halo junkie on xboxlive respects all montages so i wont critisize you for saying sumtin like that bu you really should think about making a show like rvb or something like that
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    video editing.....
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    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not too bad really

    Main things are

    FPS games are done to death - Ive done a Battlefield Vietnam vid, CounterStrike Source and Doom III

    The best results i think are when you avoid the FPS viewpoint as its a boring viewpoint to look at for a spectator

    There is limits on recording off consoles - PC Games allow usually the text and HUD overlays to be removed - COunterstrike is amazing as you can record a demo then replay it at different angles and areas to record and put together shots

    Good quality captures though

    Music is a bit heavy and cluttered and doesnt really sing along with the images

    But Halo2 fans and hard rock fans - may well love the look of that

    I slowed down most of the action on a counterstrike vid because it looks better in slow mo usually

    Fraps is great but again you need a good pc setup - Fraps records footage at huge sizes straight to hard drive - which can drop and limit the fps of the game your playing while recording

    Again fraps though isnt really for consoles at all

    Try finding a slower tune - with a bit of pulse to it - cut and slow some of the best action shots and do another to play around with.

    Think of the song - its words its rises and falls - its gaps - its pauses - then images can come to mind to slot in and time with that.

    Then does that tell a story - is it going somewhere

    If not you have a huge amount of shooting footage lumped together in a chaotic frenzy - which does capture the deathmatch gaming frenzy - but is only good from a players playing it perspective

    Or try something else - use the single player game mode - capture key parts of the story of Halo 2 and make a video that tells the Halo 2 story in 3 mins

    Or make an advert for Halo 2

    All of that forces you into working with the editor to get a certain angle or result

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    I'd watch how much you say and what you say. Don't think your a pro because you used fraps and added some music to it. I watched your stuff and personally did not like it because their was no skilled involved in making what you did. However I do like this alot better than yours. The real skill in doing this is coming up with something that has never been seen. Neither of you do this but the Halo2 montage is far superior to your videos. You lack creativity.

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