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Thread: desperate help needed with exporting!

  1. Default desperate help needed with exporting!


    I am having A LOT of trouble trying to export my project for someone and my deadline is approaching very fast.
    I have looked through every ones problems but i cant seem to do it.
    I need to export my project to idvd but when saving it to my desktop, it says it is in the wrong format. When exporting it in DV AVI as people have said it crashes because it takes so long.
    I have tried exporting it on my camera yet the it records black but it plays fine on my screen.

    I am using adobe premier 6.5 on a mac g4. Very new to this.

    If any one can help, i would really appreciate it! or if any one lives near harrow/watford or travells in that direction. please let me know.

    thanks a lot

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    Could you confirm what export settings you are using?
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    Hi Mark,

    thanks for replying,
    I am using quick time file exporter and avi.

    Please write back.

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    check out the link - I think that should answer your questions
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    Thanks for the link mark although it still doesnt seem to work.
    I am now trying to export it back to my camera, although it only records black but the picture plays on the screen?
    Which setting should it be in although i have been through them all?


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