I'm trying to recreate an effect using by Komatoast (http://www.videoforums.co.uk/user-vi...s-attempt.html)
- I'm not robbing the idea, I just like to a lot so I want to try and master the panning effect.

I have made a big image with text, images etc. and saved it using Fireworks. When I import it into Vegas I can effectively zoom in on a certain area using the pan/crop feature and by englarging the box massively using the handles. This is a bit fiddly and occasionally I can't even get to the handles as the workspace zoom is locked. Is there an easy way to do this?

Also, when moving between screens (i.e. panning the image) is there an easy way to give the random/shaky scrapbook effect, rather than a smooth pan. I have tried using keyframes but my attempts all look obviously keyframed unsmooth, rather than naturally rough :S

Ideally I should use After Effects, but my CPU is not SSE2 compatible, meaning I cannot use any Adobe Creative products. In terms of software I have Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus, Particle Illusion 3 and Vegas 6

Thanks - any help/ideas much appreciated