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    Hi guys,

    im quite new to video capturing. I have a Sony HandyCam DCR-PC350E and have recently captured the contents of a tape to me Sony Vaio PC. I have used Nero Vision Express 3, and the quality is not what i expected. Plus, the video size when captured isn't even full screen, its a much smaller resolution than i expected.

    Can someone suggest how i can improve my quality, plus advise on whether Nero is a good choise, or if i should get some other software tha'll will greatly improve my capture.


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    You should be capturing through i-link connection (firewire) and the resolution should be 720x480(NTSC) or 576(PAL). Do not use the usb vcd function that will just give you utter ****!!!!

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    Download and try out some trial video editing software that will let you see what is available. Or if you have any cover mounted DVD's on magazines there might be some video editing software on them. My own suggestion would be Adobe Premiere 2.0 which will do everything from capture to editing to putting your movie on a DVD. It has frame accurate editing, effects, transitions and you can work with video and audio separately. There is also software from Pinnacle - their Studio range is reasonably good and finally there is Ulead VideoStudio, I see a version 9 in this catalogue I'm looking at but there may be a version 10 out now.

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