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Thread: Widescreen & Frame mode slows 6.5

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    Default Widescreen & Frame mode slows 6.5

    Hi folks:

    I'm having a problem with Premiere 6.5 when I'm editing a widescreen video shot in frame (progressive) mode. It slows down after about a half-an-hour and I can no longer preview frame by frame - the 'frame' remains static for five-ten-fifteen frames and then jumps to the corresponding frame. Almost as if there were no frames between frame 0 and the one it jumps to. I hope that's clear. It works fine during normal play mode. This happens with both the timeline and the clip preview. Restarting Premiere will give me another half-hour before it stops working again. I'm using Win XP Pro on P3-933 with 1gig of RAM and 40G of scratch disk space. The clip I was editing when this occured is only 3mins long.

    I've edited widescreen before without any problems but this is my first progressive mode + widescreen flick. I'm wondering if I've missed a setting. Any suggestions?


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    If you're using progressive video, the only difference is that the frames aren't interlaced. I can't really understand that this is the cause of your problem.

    What file format are you importing?
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    Widescreen DV-PAL capture @ 25 frames/sec.

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    Just to isolate the obvious, when you go back to previous projects, do you have the same problem now?
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    No, it works just fine. I've just had a problem with this one project. I thought I must have missed a setting - something like the fields in keyframe and rendering - but I can't work it out. It's weird.

    Just for the sake of argument, what if there had been a problem with other - 'normal' - projects?


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