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Thread: New PC specifications!!!

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    Cool New PC specifications!!!

    My curent pc specifications are the following:

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 1,92Ghz 512L2,333FSB
    1024MB PC2700 333Mhz DDR
    6600GT Nvidia 128MB DDR3
    40Gb HDD 7200rpm UATA 133
    DVD/RW Plextor 750A
    psu 550 So I need about 6 Hours for 60minutes DV rendering with Pinnacle Studio Plus 9. I think that these PC specs are most suitable for faster video editing:
    Intel D930 3GHZDual,800FSB,4MB L2
    1Gb DDR2 667 Ram
    6800gt 256mB
    MSI Intel 945 motherboard

    Please give your opinion for better Value for money updates

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    You need two seperate hard drives at least. One with your operating system stored and the other one for the video you edit and capture. Capturing video on the hard drive that you have your OS on will guarantee drop frames in which you don't want because it'll make your video and sound out of sync. It's also would be recommended that for your secondary storage, get two of the same hard drives and Raid 0 them together for better performance.

    If possible, i'll get one of the Quadro series of graphic card because they are more geared towards video editing.


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