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Thread: DV tapes, will they playback in any DV camcorder ?

  1. Default DV tapes, will they playback in any DV camcorder ?

    hello. have a quick question that i need answered rather quickly. my friend and i wanna shoot a short movie trailer. my friends girlfriend and her parents are out of town and while we were feeding her dogs, we stumbled upon a really nice video camera. this one

    way better than our peice of junk

    here is my question. we want to shoot this trailer before they come home in a couple days, shooting on the sony camcorder. and i was wondering if i took the dv tape from the sony camcorder , could i put it in my canon camcorder to play it back and transfer it to my computer for editing, or can i only play it back and transfer from the camcorder i originally shot it with ?

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    It would be better to stick with the same camcorder to do both the initial recording and then transfer the movie to computer. But if for some reason you have to use the Canon and as long as it's a DV camcorder aswell then use it as you only need the Firewire output on it.

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