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    Default encoding freezes!

    Hi, I'm using premiere elements, and I'm making home videos into dvd's.. twice now I've tried to export my movie, once by burning direct to dvd, once by trying to send it to the hard drive, and both time's it's gotten stuck at 21.62% encoding.. obviously there's a problem at that point in the movie but how can I figure out what to do about it???
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    Well, the % quoted should give you a clue as to which bit of the timeline the problem sits on. Locate that area, see what effects are loaded onto the clips. Try removing them one at a time and perform a test export of that area only. Once you've identified the problem effect then try re-applying it.

    Also, I believe there is (or used to be) some issues with using stills causing grief like this. If the area in question is stills then try changing the zoom factor slightly. Don't ask me to quote specific cases but I've heard this can help.

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    thx ill check it out

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    What format are the files you are using for both video and audio? And what is the spec of your computer?

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