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Thread: Check out my edits !! (freestyle street tricking vids)

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    Default Check out my edits !! (freestyle street tricking vids)

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    good editing man.... those guys are amazing!! i loved the halo music at the start. I also loved the final beat of the song in tune to him landing. nice job.
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    Now i need to go back to the gym.....thanks.....

    Editing....the first one i like the cuts (fade), but could have done a little less on the fade effect. Might have been the MPEG => FLV conversion that did some of it too.

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    Enjoyed that

    Those guys make it look so easy

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    That looked good, is there a bigger project in the works? What was the compression 512kbps it looked pixelated. Have you tried a looser compression like 3meg. other then that good work!!!!!!

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