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Thread: I want a specific effect.

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    Default I want a specific effect.

    I am shooting a movie that requires a POV from an old camcorder, but I don't have the means to do this the old fashioned way. Is there some program that would allow me to put the border of an old, ametuer camcorder around a clip? (Such as: date displays, a clock, recording symbol.)

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    you would have to make up that particular effect your self... as far a i am awere.... you would use a prog like after effects.
    sorry if i have not been much help, but thats the way i would do it. cant tell yo if there is a plugin/prog for this.

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    Easy to do in most editors. In vegas I would just overlay some text, maybe add a timecode and blurr the picture a bit and maybe pixellate a tad. What editor are you using?

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    Ulead videostudio 10.0

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