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Thread: Please Rate My Trailer Divine Intervention

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    Default Please Rate My Trailer Divine Intervention


    My name is Maurice, but I go by the name of Moe. I would like to get your opinion on my trialer. Without telling you what the story is all about, tell me what you got out of it. The name of the movie is Divine Intervention, a gospel drama about a Father who reconnects to this son after 14 years. The site can be viewed at

    Thanks You
    Yours Truely,
    Yours Truely,

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    Without seeing the movie, it is difficult to establish which clips from it should have made the trailer. My opinions are;

    1. The first two scenes didn't establish anything. You should have intro'd with a killer clip that established interest.
    2. The clips should have been in much quicker succession and maintained a much faster pace. You dwelled too long on each scene. I felt as if I had already seen the movie.
    3. The trailer itself was too long and I lost interest and switched off after the bit where the girl had the gun and the fight ensued.
    4. You didn't need to show as many credits as you did. You shouldn't have shown them at the bottom either - I wasn't even reading them!
    5. From the trailer itself, there was no immediate way of establising what the story was broadly about. A voiceover would have solved this!
    6. Don't be scared of mixing the sequence of scenes up. The most important thing is to sell the movie to potential viewers. A little bit of 'Directors licence' is OK here!
    7. Better use backing music and effects would accentuate the drama. Make the trailer really punchy.

    Remember - This is an advert for YOUR film. AIDA is an acronym that stands for;

    A - Attention, (grab peoples attention immediately)
    I - Interest, (maintain their interest)
    D - Desire, (make them want to see more)
    A - Action, (when and how do they get to see it?)

    It's like any form of salesmanship............people make their minds up in seconds. Get that killer salvo in immediately or they will move onto the nest thing they see. I felt that you tried to provide a mini-film for us! This was not required.

    POSITIVES............The acting was excellent, the cross at the very start was impressive and the direction seemed to have all the right things.

    My final words..........How many films have you seen where the trailer was better than the movie itself? I have seen loads and that is because the trailer was made up of the best bits of the movie. Go watch Garfield the Movie to see this in action!
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    Default hi

    i agree with skodster^
    3d animation.....
    video editing.....
    special effects..
    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

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