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Thread: Capturing UK television footage?

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    Question Capturing UK television footage?

    I was tihnking of making a short involving some TV footage, but I am wondering how the best way to capture this is.

    I have the hardware (PCI-Capture Card and Breakout Box) that came with Pinnacle Studio AV/DV Deluxe, although I have now moved away from Pinnacle software after S10 (those who've used it know why.)

    How is the best way to capture TV footage, and what are the best settings? Is it worth capturing in DV (720x576 - although TV is 4:3.) Also, are there are sites out there that offer free (preferably high quality) downloads of adverts?


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    When I do this (Which is fairly occassional, I have to admit) I connect my Sky box into a Canopus DV converter (ADVC 100) and capture direct into the PC. I used to connect my skybox to the DV input on my camera before I bought that, and capture afterwards in the usual manner.

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    I just have a standard TV set, and I want to capture terrestrial TV (UK Channels 1-5.) My capture card does not have an aerial input - so is the best way to go through a VCR - and will this reduce the quality?

    I'll use DV AVI capture when I do it at 720x576.


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    i would get a tv card... means no wires, no messing about caturing from cam... and u can put a vcr in to it too

    this is the kind of thing ->
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    Lots of downloadable ads -

    I sometimes just film the telly, works ok if you are carefull. I am sure a capture via a tv card would be the best way.

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    Thanks Mark for the link - that's great. The non-paying limit on ad-sizes is 320x240, but that should be ok (hopefully.)

    I'd prefer not to buy a TV card, as I want toturn my PC into a media centre in the not-to-distant future, so I'd rather buy a HD TV card with freeview, and then stream the signal to my TV over the wireless network. At the moment, these cards are quite expensive (I think) and I'm not sure of their quality.

    So from this, you think the best way is?
    Aerial ---> VCR In----> VCR Out------>Analgoue Capture Card (Pinnacle AV/DV Deluxe)

    Has anyone tried this please, and can comment on the quality drop (if any) going through a VCR.


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    On the same note:

    How do you get what you have recorded on Sky+ onto computer?

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    I assume its similar but I'm not sure what the Sky box output is - composite/S-Video?

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