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Thread: is it possible to create a flash file to overlay...

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    Default is it possible to create a flash file to overlay...

    hello, just wondering, can i create an animated flash of text like lets say...a title that is kind of blurred jumping around or having movement to it and place on the intro to a video clip in premiere? im going to be trying to start using this program to further advance myself. and just wondering if you can import .swf files or not or .fla whatever. thanks same goes for overlaying gif's or .psd files for transparency thanks if anyone can help, or even maybe a tutorial somewhere for it would be awesome too

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    Ok the way to do this is After fx by adobe this is the only way i know to do it.
    And its the swf that you inport then you can export as avi mpeg whatever take it into premiere works fine thats the only way i know i am not even sure if there is another kind of software you can use.

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