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    Default Output File Recommendations

    Whats all your recommendations for the output file from PP2 to create a DVD image?
    A bit of research leads me to believe DV-AVI is the best file tyoe for quality.
    Is this correct?
    Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    Yes, DV-AVI is the best format to stick with for capture and editing and storing to a disc image, then when it comes to burning your 'masterpiece' onto DVD the software will convert the hole shebang (.avis, .wav's, .mp3 etc) to MPEG2.

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    If you are using encore or a DVD authoring program that can convert and burn then DV-AVI is def the best. If burning in Ppro then as correctly stated above everything on the timeline will be converted to DVD-Mpeg2.

    But if your authoring program only excepts Mpeg2 streams then you will need to use the "adobe media encoder" built in to Ppro export menu to convert the timeline to DVD ready Mpeg2 format, there are plenty of templates to choose from so it is a fairly simple task.
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