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Thread: DVD's don't play on certain players

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    Unhappy DVD's don't play on certain players


    This is a strange one! I was wondering if anyone was having the same problems as me in having difficulty with DVD's authored on DVD Architect not playing on certain players.

    I produced a video and sent it to my mum. I also sent the same to my son. The DVD that I sent my mum wouldn't play on a cheap (tesco?) player so she took it to my sister in law's who tried to play it on a fairly recent Phillips which wouldn't play it either. They then tried it on a Hitachi and it worked.

    My son's played straight away. We also tried to play another on a friends older DVD and it didn't play but went into another room and the same disc played on a little 15" combo!

    The problem with all this is that I produce little DVD picture storybooks on a part time basis and I cannot afford to have a proportion of the discs unuseable.

    I am using Phillips DVD-R discs but have never had any problems with the DVD-RW's.

    Has anyone got any answers????
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    Well, it's a sad state of affairs but it's true that some DVD players find certain brands of recordable DVD incompatible.

    It is happening less and less but it's still a problem.

    We went through this with both floppy disks and recordable CDs. Yep, in the early eighties, writing to a floppy disk on one PC was no guarantee you could read it on another!!!. Compatibility issues are still being ironed out for DVDs.

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    I'm having the same problem. It's a reall pain! The best advice I can give is try a different (more expensive) brand of discs, and burn at slower speeds... oh, and cross your fingers....!

    A lot of people recommend Verbatim discs.....

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