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Thread: The Hewlett Package Advert Guide - Someone got link please

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    Lightbulb The Hewlett Package Advert Guide - Someone got link please

    I remember reading a guide for recreating the HP advert (where people take real-time snap-shots that they then remove and display as photos, and they pick up other photos whihc become part of the video) here, and now I have some better software I want to try and recreate it.

    However, I have tried searching the forums and cannot find it - has anyone got the link for it please.


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    Straight forward but fiddly.

    When this ad first came out I had a go at copying the effect.

    I did it using track motion and frame by frame keyframing. It was an awful lot of work and to look as good as the ad I think it would have been an hour or more work per second of output.

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