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    Does anyone know where I can get comb filters for Premiere Pro 2.0 or Virtualdub?

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    What is a 'comb filter'?

    Can you describe the effect you are aftre. If I knew what effect you were after I might be able to help or provide a workaround.

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    I'm looking for a filter similar to guavacomb for avisynth except I need one that will work with premiere pro or vitualdub. Guavacomb will remove rainbow effects and lines that occur sometimes after interlacing. "Comb Effect" is when you sometimes see the interlaced lines that are sometimes created during the interlace process. Sorry if my explanation isn't too technical but here is a link that explains it:

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    Try searching for a De-Interlacing filter. There are many for V-Dub. I don't use Premier.
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    premiere will deinterlace.

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    Thanks for your help guys. I will check it out.
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