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Thread: Andre Iguodala -- Highflyer

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    Default Andre Iguodala -- Highflyer

    Hope this is the kind of videos you guys look for here, and that all links still work...

    Quote Originally Posted by chezzy62
    [...]I advise all basketball fans, mix fans, and ESPECIALLY Iguodala fans to watch this mix.[...]
    Quote Originally Posted by BlacKDeatH83
    [...]The effects were AWESOME! All of them went so well with the music and the mix[...]
    Quote Originally Posted by gg4life#23
    oh man your sick!!this is one of the best mixes i ever seen...werry good effects wonderfull timing this is good...My rate will be the best! 10/10 man this was sick!but a little short...
    Quote Originally Posted by nikknneger
    [...]this mix is sick[...]highpaced mix with a lot of effects!! just watch it and create your own oppinion!!

    Andre Iguodala -- Highflyer
    This is by no means my first mix, as I've been doing this for over half a year now, just my first try at a basketball mix, and the first I'm posting here.
    I just wanted to make a short, fast, up-tempo mix, showcasing Iggy's great dunking ability, from only this season. (You won't find any SDC dunks in here though, because I felt that it didn't fit into the mix, you will have to see to hopefully understand what I mean.)
    So without futher ado:
    • Size: 21MB
    • Length: 1:01


    Comments are appreciated, both positive and negative feedback.
    A big thanks goes out to chezzy who provided all the clips in this mix!
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    Sorry buddy but you struck out on all three links!!!!

    Try uploading to youtube.

    I am looking forward to seeing your work.

    Good luck
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    hmm, sendspace is still working for me, maybe it just had you waiting 60 seconds...

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    I would like some replies...

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    i would really like to see this vid. however, i dont want to wait 10mins to download it.

    i would put it on putfile or youtube

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    Nice! The one part I didn't like watching was when the different colored boxes were coming up on the screen and it gets to the yellow wide box on that bottom and then the other boxes pop up with it. I don't know why, but that was the one time I felt overwhelmed by the editing.
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    I'm uploading to youtube right now.
    there was an error, i'll try it again later
    ysi link added..
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    fucking yea! AI baby! im a hardcore fan of my hometown's team the sixers and both AI's yea baby cant wait to see this vid
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    hey did you watch it yet?

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    We've had a few users post their "mixes" on the forums, all of which are generally proclaimed as "excellent" by peers of the poster. And because they're endorsed by their peers, they stand as excellent within that scope.

    Using clips from TV and film to make a mix (or montage as it would more commonly be known), is a great way of easing yourself into the world of editing, but generally suffers from the overuse of effects and an over-reliance on emphasising patterns in the music.

    The benchmark for such work should be post match sequences made by the BBC here in the UK. Editors always amaze me by the speed they put together these sequences and how they highlight and summarise 90 minutes of football using a multitude of camera angles. Stunning work.

    It's great that you're enjoying it and giving your mate's something to rave about, but we're a little bit different on videoforums. Some dabble in the industry, but most of us bleet on about filming and editing to anyone that would care to listen. To that end, we tend to judge everything by fairly high standards. That's not to say we expect technical excellence as high standards are often associated with imagination, creativity or even humour. I think you should see your video as a stepping stone into filming and editing. Get out there with a camera and shoot video on your local courts - I'm betting there's a few hidden gems there! In time you'll lose the effects and where necessary create your own. But above all, you'll look back on your videos and feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that alll your efforts have paid off.

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