Ive created a menu with a 30 second introduction of somebody talking, this then fades out and buttons fly on to the screen.. once the buttons are in their final resting place I want the buttons to become active.....

my problem is that after the person has finished talking I only left 30 seconds of still video to be a background (due to not having any more room on the DVD).. when this 30 seconds finishes I dont want to loop from the begaining - but I want to loop from the point where the buttons reached their final resting place (30 seconds before the video background ends).... how can I do this in encore??

I know you might suggest that I end one menu at the same point as when the buttons have finished moving , and then go on to another still menu.. - but I dont want to do this - as I want to elimanate the brief pause that occurs when the DVD loops back or plays a new menu - hopfully the person useing the menu would select a button before 30 seconds..

any ideas on how I loop back to a certain points in a timeline in encore.. - im sure it can be done - ive been using macs recenentlly and im a bit rusty on PP2, AE7 and encore..

cheers for looking..