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    Using Sony Vegas Studio for editing and then Sony DVD Architect Studio for burning to DVD is not always successful when I come to play the DVD in a DVD player. When the "rendered" file is transferred to Sony Architect there is a tree - Untitled - Menu 1 - Menu 1 (Page 1) and then the name of the "rendered" file. If I then go to "Make DVD" it processes the file and burns it to a DVD but when I try to play it I get an Error message. If I move the "rendered" file to Untitiled and delete Menu 1 and Menu 1 (Page 1) then go to "Make DVD" etc the processed DVD plays quite happily on my DVD player. I have found this out by trial and error but would like to understand what has happened. Can anyone explain.
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    I would guess Menu 1 has broken links within it. Ie, it's going nowhere. Check the remote actions etc of menus and end actions chapters alike. (right hand panel)

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    Here is a link to a tutorial video that explains how to setup for a basic DVD with menus. Hope it helps.

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