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    Default Video Cleanup Problem

    I've captured some video of when my son was a baby from an old 8mm camcorder tape. The main issue is when viewing the video you see alot of blue and red dots in all the frames. I have tried to clean these but cannot seem to find a filter that will take of this. Does this have to do with chroma shift or chroma noise? All I can seem to find are filters to add noise but not to remove or denoise as well as no filters for chroma noise or croma shift. I have tried to remove in Vegas 6.0 also but no luck there either. Any help would be appreciated.

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    How big are the dots and how extensive are they? It sounds like some of the pixels on the CCD are burned out and as far as I can remember they turn blue, I don't recall ever seeing red ones, nothing is going to fix them.

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    Default Video Cleanup Problems

    The videos were captured using an ASUS analog capture card which the camera was plugged directly into with RCA cables. The dots acually look the same as static or snow on a TV with no signal. I have managed to clean some of it up using virtualdub. I used the chroma noise reduction, chroma smooth and flaxen VHS filters. Most of it is gone but some still remain. I also did a second pass and again used the chroma noise reduction filter and set it for full right shift. This did a great job and like I said above took care of most of it, but now I am getting grey tones where there should be flesh tones(on peoples skin, face and arms mostly). I just wish there was a way to achive the same results without having to render 3 times. The video is 25 minutes long and I've spent about 10 hours rendering

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    Default Before and After

    I just did a couple of screen captures so you can see what i'm talking about.



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    personally, and believe me i am no expert, i would if posible try and capture to a digital camcorder then transfer it using a firewire card onto you pc.

    When you play back your footage from your camera direct to your tv do you see the same video noise?

    If not i think maybe it could be a problem with you analogue video card.

    again i am no expert just a surgestion
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    Default Not Possible

    I cannot capture through DV camcorder cause the footage was taken with my ex-bosses camera. We did not part ways in a friendly fashion and he has the camera and tape. All I have is the files I captured before quitting. As far as playback on the tv, I did play them back when I first took them directly from camera to tv and they looked the same. As far as the analog card goes, I have been in computer repair for 20+ years and believe me there is nothing wrong with the card. You are right though if the playback on the tv had looked fine but crapped out during capture . Unfortunately this is not the case, it was just a very old piece of junk camera but at the time it was all I had.

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    Then i think the only way round your problem is chromo keying which is what you are doing i think and mask's were you want to preserve colour.

    ie as i see in your previous post you are losing skin and face colours, the only way i can see around this is to create a mask and that will put a whole through your chromo keying and alow the skin tones/and maybe some of the video noise through but everywhere else will look ok.

    hope this helps
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    Thanks for the info on masking, I'll give it a try. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't totally mess it up..hehe. Have backup copies but would hate to go though all those hours of rendering again.

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