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Thread: Trouble with pp2

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    Default Trouble with pp2

    I'm currently using a sony HDR-HC3e (PAL). I selected the HDV capture in both my camcorder and pp2 capture options. I can capture the video via firewire to the stage and edit but when i export the movie, it says : 'error compiling movie. Unknown error.' I've tried this like a dozen times and it still repeats it.

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    Default Re: Adobe Premiere 2 importing High Definition HD

    Hello minsh

    Re: Adobe Premiere 2 importing High Definition HD

    I am using Premiere Pro 2 trying to import my HD film footage from my Sony HC3.
    The problem is I get is a slight jagged edge to any motion.

    Is the problem due to the way the film has been imported?

    My capture settings used are:

    Editing Mode HDV 1080i
    Time base 25fps
    Frame size 1440 x 1080

    Capture Format HDV Capture.

    Can you advise what Im doing wrong?

    Many thanks

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    Joshir, please do not hijack threads to re-ask a questiuon you've already asked in another thread.

    btw, see your original thread for an answer

    Minsh, the last time I saw something like this it was HDV plugins competing with Matrox plugins. Do you have an RT.X100 fitted?

    Also, is this native HDV editing in PPro2 or are you using something like the Cineform Aspect HD plugin?

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    Hey minsh,

    This 'error compiling movie. Unknown error.' thing happens with any kind of footage not just HDV especially when the timeline goes over about 20/30 mins and quite often crashes out when it gets to a dissolve transition.

    Anyway enough ramble, try this, make sure all the video, stills, titles, audio and anything else in the project are all in the same folder, preferably on a second HDD, create a new project with the same settings and import the original project file in to the new project and try exporting it.

    or export in sections and stick them together in a new project

    This is not guaranteed but these methods have got me out of trouble on more than 1 occasion.
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