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Thread: capturing video with a high shutter speed

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    Default capturing video with a high shutter speed

    i have a vx2000 and i use premier pro to edit with. I tried capturing some footage that i accidently filmed with a shutter speed of 1/10000. Everytime i went to capture the footage, the connection to the camera would be lost.
    I don't really know much about shutter speeds and so on. so if someone could help explain, it would be much appreciated.

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    Let me see if I've got this correct, you shot some footage with the camera set at 1/10000 and now when you go to try and capture the footage the connection is lost? Shooting at such a high shutter speed hasn't got anything to do with the camera connection being lost. Are you using Firewire, have you the latest DirectX and video card drivers on your computer and are you using Windows XP or Mac OSX? If you are, then check the camera is switched to playback mode rather than record and just on the off chance, check to make sure you are operating with DV out and not DV in. Does the computer make a little beep sound when the camera is connected to it? Is it being picked up as an imaging device in the Device Manager (if you're using WinXP) and also check MyComputer to see if an icon appears in that window (where the hard disk(s), CD, DVD drive icons are located). Once footage has been shot at such a high shutter speed, it is there for good. I can't think offhand what you could record using that high of a shutter speed, a roaring waterfall, a bullet being fired, an F-16 flying past? It would allow you to freeze frame a very fast moving object with no blurring on it.

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