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Thread: New Video Editing Service

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    Default New Video Editing Service


    We are offering a professional video editing service purely based on the internet. I use professional editing software developed by Adobe.

    Please go to our website to find out more!!!


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    Thought you should know... front page of your site...bit of a typo.
    It's degredation, not degridation.

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    Oops!!! Thanks.

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    is this forum for video editors? i think it may well be

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    Sorry but at first glance that site doesn't look professional. So therefore I can't talk what your saying serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onomoto
    Sorry but at first glance that site doesn't look professional. So therefore I can't talk what your saying serious.
    Do you mean "take" as apposed to "talk"!!

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    oooowww getting a little catty. i agree you site looks less than professional... the idea behind a website is to give a really good 1st impression to clients. if the site looks bad what will your service be like?

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    The problem is you're trying to promote your "editing service" on a site and a forum inhabited by video editors, who're not really likely to have any other than a mild competitive interest in what you're selling. From a reasonably detached viewpoint, most oif us know that other than cutting out obviously crap shots (and then you're likely to be cutting the only know footage of our late anunty Nelly), remote editing of anything doesn't work particularly well.

    If you're actually editing anything seriously worthwhile, either the director or the client will want to be sitting on your shoulder like a bird of ill-omen, anyway!
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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    The Site Is Undergoing Some Reconstruction For All You Cynics Out There!!!

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    I have to agree - If you want to provide a service your site needs to show that and it does not.

    The google ads takes any credibility (and i dont really care if i spelt that wrong) out of it.

    The main thing is when I look at it I dont know what it does and there is no information about what you do. Samples, the film making process, the encoding process, delivery options, meta data information and so on.

    Dont mean to be harsh just sayin what I see!

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