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Thread: My site about a serial raping peadaphile messiah

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    Default My site about a serial raping peadaphile messiah

    I happened to live near the base of that cult in Korea a few years ago, and seeing pretty much no info about them in English, I made my site,

    The leader is wanted for rape, and is hiding out somewhere in China surrounded by his most loyal followers who think he's Jesus.

    His cult was advertsing in London last month, they have branches in most of Western Europe, they operate on a lot of US and Canadian campuses, and they just opened a church in Manhatten.

    Looking forward to making soem serious and not so serious video clips about the fucker and his brainwashed followers.

    Here's my first non-serious vid:

    Still very very new to Sony Vegas, so it was just an attempt at putting some of the very basic stuff together: music, text, video and a few transitions.

    I have hours and hours of video footage of the cult and its leader, as well as about 300 pictures that haven't been seen much outside of Korea, so looking forward to sharing those, and I hope I can do so in an entertaining / informative way.

    I just bought Sony Vegas Platinum Edition, 1001 Sound Effects and three volumes of the "textures and backdrops series." Can't wait to really get the hang of it all, at the moment I'm still at the ignorant trial and error level.

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