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    hello to all

    im looking to buy a new camcorder as my old one is getting very old im looking at two types one that is between 200-300 and another that is 750-1000.
    im looking for a camcorder to create home movies and serious movies that i can load on to my home pc and edit with easy, ill be doing close up, far away shots (good zoom), action shots (fast cars etc) and all the rest that need to make the perfect movie.
    on both i need a good zoom,good picture, mini dv format, light, lots of good programs build in i.e. b/w slow motion night vision etc, easy to use and so on.


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    Not sure about the best but budget for a tripod if you aint got one for those zoom shots and take no notice of those special eefects, all best done in the edit.

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