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    I'm trying to make a little stop motion vid but I'm having trouble. Here's what I have:

    You can see that I have all the little clips at the top with a non-standard colored bluescreen.

    The problem is that I had to resize each and every one of those captures from the camera, they are all 5 seconds long. So, how do I resize all of them at once?

    Here's is my test video: click
    I also had to apply chroma key FX to each and every one of those clips. How do I apply the same chroma key effect to all of them at once?

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    Goto and brows the Script section, if you can't find any ask Edward Troxel for help he is willing to write scripts if people ask nicely.

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    There are alternatives to using Sony Vegas for Stopmotion. Vegas can be used for stop motion I guess, but you can always get a stopmotion program like Stopmotion Pro or Stopmotion animator. Just Google search it.

    and if you import the finished render into Vegas, you could prolly add the post effects there..

    ...Hmm, havent tried this, but try clicking the first, shift clicking the last (Which selects all of them) and try resizing one and see if it applies it to all... Like I said, havent tried this, but maybe... >_>

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