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    I want to transfer some of my vhs tapes onto dvd. I have a dvd burner and Power director software. Win98se with Athlon 1700 and usb1. What can anyone recommend for capture hardware (as cheap as possible) Which is best, pci card or usb.

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    I use a Dazzle Fusion for my A2D conversion on XP Pro. I think it does a good job but then again it's the only A2D covnertor i've ever actually seen in action so can't really compare can i?

    Anyway, I'm happy wiht my results so far. It cost me 50 (UKP).

    However, I have it plugged into a USB2 port. I don't know offhand if USB1 will be quick enough. Anyone tried an A2D convertor thorugh USB1?

    If you're in the UK then Amazon have them. Check out I would check out the USB1 question more fully first though.

    Oh, as a handy extra (for me) it is also a multi card reader as well. handy for still cameras and my 'memory stick' from my digital camcorder.

    If you can't get an answer on the USB1 thingy then email me direct and ask nicely and I'll connect mine up to a USB1 and find out. In the meantime though, if anyone already knows the answer.....

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