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Thread: Which audio format to use ?

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    Default Which audio format to use ?

    When editing a movie (in vegas6) , i have used Sound Forge 8 to edit some of the audio.

    My question is, which is the best audio format to save the file, ie. wav, wav64, mp3, pca ?

    When total movie editing is complete, i render it to mpeg2 format in order to author using DVD-Lab Pro.

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    Well mp3 is a good choice but i think there are some better quailties
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    I'd use wav at 48ks/S then compress to AC3 at DVD author time. No added distortion. DVD can't use mp3, so the authoring program would need to convert to LPCM (same as wav, totally uncompressed, it's 1.536 Mb/S is huge hit on the DVD bitrate limit of 9.8 Mb/S), Mpeg1-Level 2 (sometimes called mp2, it's best quality is at 384kb/S, much less hit on the max bit rate) or AC3 which keeps great quality at 192kb/S.
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    Thank you both for your replies.

    Crusty, thanks for the extra detail.

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