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    Default Racing Video

    Hey all I made a cool little video about the a GT race I went to, tell me what you think, its one of the first I have made.

    Check it out.. - Cheap Media!

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    the first car scene where he Max talks about what's happening is a bit slow paced.

    but not a bad vid for one of ya first ones.

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    It's all too easy to spot the flaws but my advice to you is pretty general.

    Much better to keeo your paws off the zoom control while the camera is rolling. It hink this is the cause of a few (arguably) badly framed shots and loss of focus at times.

    Difficult to frame racing (cos they move so damn quick) and keep to the rule of thirds.

    The truly great thing about the movie (forme) is the fact that it leaves you with a nice smile at the end by including a nice 'jolly' as the closing shot - the inflatable cop

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    Opening titles are good!

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    2 things:

    I know you probably didn't have a tripod, but you still need to keep the camera still. I know it's hard, but you've got to try.

    2. Cut out the boring stuff! We wanna see action, not you ranting or video of the road to the place.

    Other than that, a solid good feffort.
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    Always assume that other people:

    a) don't get your jokes, no matter how funny your mates think your are and or;
    b) don't find you interesting at all, no matter how much you think you are

    MoJoe's right. For a video short on the internet, you need action or gimmicks, or a wow, how did he do that factor.
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    Default Thanks

    Wow, all well thanks for all the feed back. - Cheap Media!

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    Late again, but I'm just catching up on what's on this site. I go along with all the above comments. There is an element of 'I've filmed it so I'm going to include it', but it did give the flavour of the day.

    As for keeping the camera still, tripods can get in everyone's way, if you need to move around, a monopod can be a very useful accessory (you don't feel quite so pretentious eIther )



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    I know what you mean about feeling a tad pretentious using a tripod
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