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    Anyone know how to get footage from a dvd? It was taped one of those Sony Handycams that records it straight to a dvd anyone know?
    Quad Freestyler

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    As long as you have Vegas 6c or above, goto, file, get media, from DVD camera. (I think, im at work at the mo but I will check it out and repost if it's wrong)


    It's File/import/DVD camcorder disk
    it will read your DVD disk drive as a camcorder. Sorry for the duff info before.
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    What if I have only Vegas 6b? I have some sony nero program that I think might work but its only a trial version any know any good programs that will do it for free?
    Quad Freestyler

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    Presume this will wk as with 'ordinary' dvds; copy the vob to your hard drive, drag onto the timeline.

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    Thanks for the help but could you dumb that down for me a little and go step by step for me. What's the vob and how do I copy it to my hard drive? Thanks
    Quad Freestyler

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    you will find the VOB files by exploring your DVD by going to my computer - select ur drive - then right click and explore

    You will find all the Video Object (VOB) files in here... as mark says save them to your hard disk and off you go.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks boyz. You guys kick a$$.
    Quad Freestyler

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    Here's the vid I made with the footage.
    Quad Freestyler

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