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    Default Lots of Stuff for Free!

    Does anyone know of a free video editing software that has lots of effects and is easy to use?

    Also, does anyone know of where I can get some cool effects for free to go with Windows Movie Maker 2?


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    The best (and probably the only) place to find extras for WMM2 is Microsoft's website. Look for themes.
    And WMM is probably the easiest/coolest/most fun editor you can get for free. Windows platform, I mean. I don't reckon you want to try VirtualDub or ZweiStein or stuff like that.

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    The thing is, i was tricked into getting a non-genuine copy of windows so now i cant download anything from microsoft. Are you sure there is no where else.

    BTW, I've tryed VD and ZweiStien but they arent as good As WMM2.

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    Hm... I don't know. If you're really on a tight budget, I believe Roxio's Movie Creator or what's its name is some $ 20. But freeware, I don't know...

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