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    Default Anchor creation tool... what the..

    Creating a mask in event pan crop...
    Using Anchor creation tool..... how the henry's do you use that spinining tangent, arc thing.
    Woudnt it be simpler to just be able to draw free hand? than guess where an arc is going to go off a tangent line?
    Am i missing a trick here?

    Thanks for any help (probably mark as usual
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    Off the top of my head, the tangent only appears if you re-click the anchor. There are different edit tools on the left of the box too (delete, add etc)

    Of course, once you've joined the points, you can add more points if you like and using keyframes, you can then alter the position of said points as the movie progresses.

    You can also specify feather in/out/both by percentage too

    Good luck, it's an art form in itself that tool and I agree, a freehand draw would be a logical add-on
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    I wish vegas had some of those clever outline tools that p shop has that take all the mousework out of masking.

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