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Thread: Dell computers

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    Cool Dell computers

    Can anyone tell me if these computers are any good.

    I am looking maybe to purchase a laptop from them. Looking at spending around 1400 euros so i am doing my research. The laptop spec i seen had 2gig ram a 3Gig herz chip and 100gig hard drive plus a 256 graphic card.

    I have herd various horror stories about this make of pc, and also to be far i have herd some great stories. Just looking for you person experience about this pc.

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    sounds like a nice spec.... only bad thing is that it will have a dell badge! :S but it will do the job

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    Do you know the model number? It sounds like a very nice system. I own a DELL 9300 with 1.73 Ghz Chip 2 MB Cache, a 1 GB RAM, 128 MB Video and 100 GB HD. So far I never had any problems. Used it mainly for mobile editing, using external HD for video storage. No problem at all.

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    the model that i am looking at dell inspiron 6400, and it looks like its just come down a bit in price
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    My personal expirience of dell.... really annoying website, well priced well built computers.

    tv ad - 'remember you cant buy dell in the shops and you can only just buy them on our web site, and you will probably be so confused you might end up with a toatser'.

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