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Thread: Can not upload a video on a DVD to my computer

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    Default Can not upload a video on a DVD to my computer


    I have a problem. I converted a home movie I recorded on a Hi8 video tape to VHS and then from there to a DVD disk. To do this is used a Sony DVD, VHS recorder/player. I connected my camera to this machine and transferred the video to a VHS tape and then copied it to a DVD using the same machine. The Sony machine can read, and I assume, write all the popular DVD formats. My problem is I cannot now load the DVD into my computer for editing. The DVD drive that I am using also reads all of the standard DVD formats. When I use MS XP explorer, it does not “see” a file on the disk. I have the latest AVS video converter software on my computer and that software does not “see” a file on my DVD disk. The disk plays fine in my Sony machine and I can view the movie on my TV. Why can’t my computer upload the file for editing? What is going on? Is there a solution to this problem?

    Thanks for any help that may be offered.


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    You need to put your DVD disc back into the Sony and call up the menu and Finalise the disc. You need to do this in order for the computer to 'see' the files on the disc. The software you have on your computer may allow you to read the files directly off the DVD disc and then edit them, but then again you might need to change them to another format such as .avi (they'll be .vob on the DVD disc - but most video editors won't work with this format).

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    Thanks Nikosony for your help. I think that is going to work. I can at least read the video file, and now I have to convert it into the correct format.


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