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    Ok I want to get rid of the stuff in the top right and left corners (like the time remaining, TBC, EP thing, and all that stuff) also the bottom right with the date. When I recoreded it, that stuff came with it and I want it gone because im entering a contest and it has to be clear and all that stuff which you can understand, bad thing is, it's due the 5th! Tommorow! So I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do it, or let me send it you and you do it for me. Sorry if this is to much trouble but I really want to enter this contest!

    Thanks, Brandon

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    If it's in AVI format you can use Virtualdub to clean it up. There is a filter that u can use to cover the stuff you mentioned. It will pretty much clone the nearest pixel and will soften it. Will still have some minor artifacts.

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    i would just crop it out... using virtualdub will work to an extent but you will still have bits of the text and stuff there and will look a bit silly..

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    Thanks I will look into that today
    Ok I went to the site downloaded it. Now what do i do I went to the filter area under video but I have no clue how to do it. Help?
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