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Thread: Decade Skateboarding

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    Default Decade Skateboarding

    I thought I'd post the first video I've made..

    Click here then click the video link in the top left box, to stream it..

    This is the first Video I've done with premiere, except a practise one i did last month.

    What do you all think?

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    I really like it, apart from it is way too dark in some places. Apart from that i reckon you've done a good job .

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    Thanks, It was intended to be dark, but i think i may have gone a little over the top..
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    I just finished the Second video ive ever done in Premiere. follow the links.. or click here for a direct link..

    All feedback will be appreciated!
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    Had a look. Quite nice stuff. Couple of comments though...

    1) A little dark as pre a previous post; and
    2) Combined witht eh dark look, giving themovies a sort of mono-chromatic look the neon pink wipe does sort of stab you in the eyes a bit.

    Also, I hope the tree lived to fight another day.

    Cool guitar move and the guy jumping over the balcony and falling on his face. How many takes did you make him do?

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    Although I didnt intend for that one to be dark.. I think it just appears that dark because of how small it is, and how poor the quality is.. The pink kinda meant to be a bit bright, but is ok on the full sized one tbh..

    Tree was fine..

    The balcony clip was one of them one off, sper of the moment, hilariously funny at the time kinda things.. lol
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    Default good effort

    OK skating but too much clowning about I reckon, although it is quite funny.
    I think the action could have gone with the music a bit more too.
    Good effort though.
    If you want to see that Bloodhound Gang tune used really well try and get hold of the Australian bodyboarding video "Tension 3" and watch the beatings/Tasmania section,
    there's all sorts of messing about with wheelchairs & jumping off stuff & skating on it too.

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