Manufacturer: Dell Optiplex GX260 Desktop PC (refurbished)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz Processor
HDD: 20GB Maxtor ATA/100 SMART-compliant drive 5,400rpm
Memory: 256Mb DDR-RAM minimum
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM
Sound Card: 16 Bit On Board Sound, with Audio (line in, line out and microphone) Ports
Graphics: 32Mb Intel Extreme Graphics shared
Network Card: 10/100 Ethernet Port
Other Devices: 2 x USB Front, 2 x USB Rear, Serial Port, Parallel Port, Keyboard + Mouse.
Screen:Matching Dell 15 inch TFT Flat Panel Monitor
Operating System:Windows XP Pro COA (Provided with restore disc, not loaded)