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Thread: my first music video please check it out

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    Default my first music video please check it out

    i directed, shot and edited a music video for a mate of mine.

    i have no training in anything, everything i know i taught myself.

    i liked the song, and asked my mate if he wanted a video for it, and he told me that he was in a rush to get his single released so i had to have it completed in two weeks.

    thing is im from outside belfast and he is from dublin (three hours distance) and i have no professional camcorder so i had to rent one in which i cud only afford a weekend (sony pd150) so i had a week to plan the video, i had to rely on my mate to arrange the places for shooting it and i had to shoot it in one day.

    and then edit it without no proper experience with shitty software and a usb cable..

    check it out anyway and see what you think..

    feel free to criticise and complement.

    the main weakness i had was that i should have had more light in the inside scene.

    Nucentz - Hollywood

    basically the song is about a girl that thinks she is better than everyone else and Nucentz is trying to tell her that it isnt hollywood she is living in so take her head out of the clouds and start living in the real world..

    then at the end there is a twist to the video.

    just a pitty i cudnt shown this storyline to its potential

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    from wat u said, u did a nice job. Just get a good program like vegas and the experience and it xcan be crazy... Is there a london hollywood too? lol
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    That chick was smoking hot. Talk to her about some one on one filming. You could get some practise from that im sure. Haha.

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    Cool vid for a first one, how the hell did you get Fern Cotton and Andy out of Emerdale to star in it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeebsy
    Cool vid for a first one, how the hell did you get Fern Cotton and Andy out of Emerdale to star in it???

    Well put together I thought, camera work a bit shaky and as with all pop vids some more jazzy editing would suit. I know a pop vid can be lots of wk and all the basics worked here for me. As said above get a copy of vegas (or whatever) and rock on.

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    Not a bad effort - Some of the cuts were a little too tight and late but not can be fixed.

    The inside stuff was not lit weell enough at all. Was all way to dark!

    All in all - a great effort and a good job. I liked the tune too and yeah the girl is gorgeous!

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    That was a great song and with a bit more polish could be quite saleable.

    For a first effort, the vid was good and agree with the previous comments about lighting etc.

    My additional advice would be to get the singer to look right into the camera like he meenz it! He seemed a bit camera shy and kept averting his eyes which diluted the emotional impact.

    Good first attempt and The Streets had better watch their backs for Irelands own!

    Have you plans to re-record and re video?
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