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Thread: Where are all the SVHS players gone?

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    Default Where are all the SVHS players gone?

    Hi. I am looking at putting my video collection onto DVD.
    Some of the videos aren't looking their best and I was hoping to capture them onto my computer and then clean up the footage before burning.

    I have read a large number of Posts that have strongly suggested that a SVHS recorder/player is best for video restoration (which is what I'm essentially doing) as it ensures that at least the footage has a chance of being displayed at its best which would save some cleaning up at the editing stage.

    So my questions are -

    Who still makes SVHS players?
    Which one is going to play my footage the best? (or do they all?)
    Do they sell them in Australia, or do I have to go overseas to get what I want?

    Thanks for any replies

    Cpt Gavin

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    All major manufacturers still make SVHS VCR's. Some particularly good ones too.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Can you suggest any brands that are better than others?
    Are JVC better than Panasonic or Sony for example?
    What price range should I be looking at for a decent SVHS player? (don't worry about currency type)

    Captain Gavin.

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    If possible and if still availabe get one with a built in TBC. Will help keep jitter down.

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