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Thread: A truly amazing experience . . .

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    Default A truly amazing experience . . .

    In preparation for this weekend's premiere, we went along to the 900-seat Spa Pavilion theatre in Felixstowe yesterday, and popped a DV tape copy into the camcorder, and up onto the big screen for a test run.

    It is a truly amazing experience to have your work blasted onto that size of screen . . . and David Jenning's music track sounds superb . . .

    Here's a copy of the theatrical opening sequence:
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    i know what you mean. the big screen brings a whole other amazing aspect to any piece.

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    Yep, it blows me away when i see my films at our local independant at their open screening nights.

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    Default Good luck to "The Lost Sock"

    To Chris and everybody involved with the lost sock, I wish you all the best for your screening. I hope it brings new interest and gives you all the energy and desire to continue.

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    The curtains are due to open at 2pm today, in the 900 seat Spa Pavilion at Felixstowe.

    28 of the cast and crew will be arriving by limo, after a very short "ferry" run from a nearby location to the door, where the red carpet will be laid.

    We know we've got an audience of 300-ish coming, but the show is free, and we've done quite a lot of posters and some press and radio locally, so we could have quite a lot more . . .

    There will be the main copy (DV tape) plus a VHS back-up and a DVD back-up at the cinema . . . and several people with crossed fingers.


    Thanks for the kind wishes . . .
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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