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    Hi need some ideas

    I am going to start an advert for a local event area, which is to screen in local cinema's.

    Firstly is there any particular format i should be working with. I use canon 850i & 750i and work with premier pro and after effects. Just would like some pointers on the export format so i don't look like a complete newbie when i hand it over to the cinema.

    Secondly the event area is an old circus tent and they hold all types of events there, from party's to erotic messe. Does anyone have any ideas about what to film or ideas about how i should go about advertising this.

    The owner has not got a clue what he wants, so please help
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    in regards to the format the cinema require i would ask them.. you dont want to find yourself with a fully edited piece that they cannot use - then you will look like a noob! if its going to feature in a local cinema im sure it will just be all standard pal sizes, i think they will have an everyday projector for the local ads. then switch to the film projector for the actual film. best thing is to just ask


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