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    Cool Laptop editing

    Hi there

    Ok due to moving house and having nowhere to set up my office with my normal computer i am (being forced to) looking to get a laptop so it looks better in the front room rather than my normal pc.

    You know what women are like, always the same, its what looks good that matters not what is actually good.

    Anyway enough of my marital strife.

    I have looked around and seen a few but not sure what spec i should go for. This is not to do my main editing, it's only to play around and fiddle with stuff to learn and do very small projects.

    Can you give me some pointers

    DUDE were's my car

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    if its just to mess around on and learn bits and bobs any new laptop with 1gb ram would be fine. or...... if its for your living room hows about a mini mac? that will look ace! and can be used as a lil media center too!

    i am a genius!
    thank me later.............. you can buy me an ice lolly - im melting at work!

    but really the mini mac will probibly work out cheaper and will plug into your TV or monitor, well worth looking in to! plus the new macs are running on intel chips so you can get windows on it as well as a mac OS.

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    I have a laptop that i do little projects on. Its a HP dv5000 with 1GB RAM, 64 AMD processor and it looks nice too at only $1,000 (pretty cheap for a laptop)

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    Yes, your laptop with 1GB ram should be fine as long as it has a processor running at over 2Ghz (or you could wait a few hours for it to render 20 minutes of video if you have a lot of free time - and patience), laptop hard disks generally speaking are very small and slow (5400rpm versus 7200rpm on a desktop computer) video needs a large and fast hard disk (you wouldn't believe how quickly they fill up) and if you want to connect up a digital camcorder you'll need a Firewire connection DON'T USE USB! A graphics card with 128Mb of onboard memory will also speed render times up and allow you to preview transitions and effects (you need to get memory from somewhere to put a display on your screen - so instead of stealing it from systems Ram - it's better to have dedicated graphics memory).

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