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Thread: miniDV firewire to laptop - problem

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    Default miniDV firewire to laptop - problem

    G'day From Australia...

    Got a problem that's causing me to rip out my hair.

    OK. I got a Sony Handycam DCR-HC90E, 4 pin firewire cord hooked up to my brand new HP laptop firewire port. When i switch on the camera onto "play / edit" mode, nothing happens. No beep, or anything on the computer.

    I am trying desperatly to capture it using Windows Movie Maker, but the computer is not registering that the camera is plugged into it.

    Please help as i'm about to throw the whole lot out the bloody window!

    Thanks in advance,


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    any ideas?

    I'm totally lost. Might try to ring sony.

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    Have you tried going into windows explorer and seeing if the computer registers that it's connected to a camcorder? If not, then the next step is to borrow another camcorder and try that.
    It could be (if the laptop's new) that the computer hasn't been set up with the drivers for firewire in which case there should be a "tools" CD/DVD which came with the laptop, which will have the drivers on it.

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    What is the spec of your laptop and what OS are you using? Check the Device Manager to see if the camera is coming up as an imaging device or look in My Computer to see if it comes up. I remember someone else a few months ago had a similar problem, again with a Sony camcorder, so I'm 99% certain there is an answer in one of the previous posts on this forum.

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