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Thread: DVD plays fine on PC, jerky on TV

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    Default DVD plays fine on PC, jerky on TV

    Hello All:

    I'm having a strange problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 2. I tried searching the forum for an answer, but didn't see anything that looked applicable.

    The short version of my story is that I burned a DVD using the program and it plays fine on my PC, but exhibits jerky or stuttering motion when played using a DVD player connected to a television.

    The longer version follows...

    I'm new to video editing and am taking baby steps. I captured a VHS tape using an ATI "TV Wonder Elite" board and successfully read the file into Premiere Elements. I dragged the movie to the timeline, and without any additional editing told the program to burn a DVD. After many hours of processing, it spit-out a DVD that plays fine on my PC. I have tried it on two separate computers, using at least three different DVD player programs. The video plays fine on the computers.

    However, if I play it on a stand-alone DVD player connected to a television, motion appears quite jerky. I've tried it on two different players and televisions with identical results. I also repeated the process with a different capture file and got similar results. The video I captured was a cartoon, so the stutter is quite noticeable against the static backgrounds. The static parts of the image look fine, but the moving characters don't.

    At first, I thought it might be an interlace issue, but didn't see any settings in Premiere Elements that would account for it.

    Does anyone have a suggestion? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hmmmm....It appears that I may indeed have an interlace issue. The ATI capture card's hardware encoder saves files as MPEG, which may have dominant field inversion from what Adobe expects.

    Here is a link to a post on the Adobe Forum describing the issue and a solution(click on guest access if prompted to log in).

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    Adobe Premiere will work much better with .avi and .mov files rather than .mpg so if you can select either .avi or .mov at the capture stage all the better. Mpg is only for final output as it's quality is much lower than the .avi and .mov so avoid using it if you can and you will see a big difference in the quality of your movies. What is the spec of your computer?

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    I had a similar problem but your problem may be different.

    It sounds silly but check what format your PC burns DVDs at. Are they DVD+ or DVD-? I didnt realise that the old DVD burner was DVD+ which is the not the most common DVD format at the moment. Do when I burnt a DVD it played fine on the computer, which it would as the player/burner recognised it, but jumped about something terrible on anything else.

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    Default Better Disks?

    I've had similar problems in the past with different software & the solution was to buy better quality blank DVD disks. I've also found DVD-RW's to be the most robust and of course you can re-record if you hit any problems to avoid making coasters!.

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